Paula & Karina

We love weddings

How it all started

April 2006, another sunny and warm day
in the beautiful Algarve.

Paula and Karina met for a coffee, 2 girls working together in a touristic company, promoting accommodation, rental services and events at the time. On that afternoon Paula had different news, an Irish girl, called Niamh was looking to get married in Portugal and asked Paula to be her planner after meeting her for a sight visit looking for accommodation for her guests. Uau !! That seemed to be a crazy idea!! Well, no it wasn’t, it was actually a great idea to start our story!! Karina, thought it was a great idea and proposed Paula the creation of Algarve Wedding Planners, a part time Job. Why not?!

June 2017, they launch their first website and on that same day they have the first AWP wedding visit booked. Such an exciting times, two girls, one white phone, one website and of course a dream - We Love weddings.

The requests started to arrive and the girls became busier and busier, it was their opportunity to create something professional for the first time in the Algarve with quality. So they did.

It became their full time job, and 2008 was their first full weddings season year, with a lot of happy couples that are still today part of their history, of their success and love for their job.

The company started to grow, it was not easy the suppliers and even the hotels were not very turned to weddings, it was a hard work for people to understand the interest by abroad weddings, but the girls did once more.

Everything had to be build and negotiated from scratch, there was nothing, no lists, no listed suppliers, contacts, and nothing existed in this business.

The girls started promoting trips abroad taking hotels and suppliers representatives with them to meet couples making it a very close and unique events for everyone. They became very close and help to build a new wedding planners and weddings abroad concept, to what everyone one knows today as a very strong abroad destination called Portugal & Algarve. They still today promote great events abroad next one to com White Impact wedding Show former Algarve wedding show, the first one with this name to visit Ireland in 2009.

The company grew, the couples needs and interests were always in first place taking the company to create specific departments as accommodation and more recently the styling services and of course the expansion of the company to different parts of the country. These areas are becoming each day more known like for example the beautiful capital city of Lisbon, where the sister company has now been launched with the name "The Vows - Portugal Wedding Consultants". What a choice I tell you!

It has been a long path, we the normal difficulties of live, a lot of living laughter and love, but they are here accomplishing 10 years of hard work and fun, of dreams and love. Paula and Karina offer to nowadays couples the wedding experience, not just the normal wedding planning from 09:00 to 00:00, it’s the experience of the wedding.

These 2 ladies, became the first Wedding experts, with 10 years of experience and know how, they represent today a wide team of expertise and professionals in weddings.

Join them in this experience!


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The future

2017 a year of change in our company.

We want to make your wedding an experience, not just one day of party. We want to give you and your guests a dream experience to remember and cherish forever.

We have been building our wedding experience for years, we started by implementing on our services not just the normal wedding planner service but also our accommodation department, giving our couples guests a prime service, turning their holidays into a unique experience. Imagine how wonderful will their memories be about your wedding week, yes because with us normally the wedding day extends for more than 24 hours. No one wants it to finish and your guests won’t either.

With 10 year of experience Algarve Wedding Planners and The Vows have selected a reliable net of suppliers that assure the standard we want for our weddings.

Other of our new loves and projects for 2017 is our Styling, we have a name for it and we would like to introduce White Ideas Atelier. A personalized styling service provided by Algarve Wedding Planners and The Vows that can style your wedding.

Ideas, creativity and materials we have created all this to provide our couples with the necessary tools to create their special dream. It’s fun, and will be different from all the others.

Styling is the new “must have” of a wedding, it makes it yours, special, people nowadays look into the little details. Sometimes those little details make the difference. Thinking on these we decided that we want all our couples to have a beautiful wedding. We aim for when people arrive to see their impressed faces, just because they noted the care the couple had to make their event special for special people.

Algarve wedding Planners and The Vows have created a new concept of wedding, a wedding full of experiences for the couple and their guests, a holiday of friends, family, a Forever memory.

Embrace the Experience!